NEAT Player v0_14 Release

NEAT Player v0_14 Release


Hello everyone! I've been working extensively on making NEAT Player faster, easier to use and most importantly, more modular. This major update includes multiple new systems that streamline updating Libraries, while simultaneously paving the way for new Libraries to be much faster to develop and easier to integrate.

This is a big update (in terms of number of changes), so expect some bugs while I iron everything out. I appreciate your patience with this.

Breaking Changes: All Libraries are now Modular:

  • Libraries now depend on a manifest file to inform NEAT Player on which sample-playback settings to use, among numerous other backend controls.
  • After updating NEAT Player, you will notice your Libraries are greyed out with an "Update" icon. You can click this button to individually update Libraries, or use the Bulk Update button at the top of the Libraries tab.
  • In case something breaks, the old .hxi file is automatically backed up in the Libraries respective Application Data folder. You can restore it using the Restore From Backup button at the top of the Libraries tab.

Other changes:
  • Agnosticized numerous NoteOn/NoteOff functions.
  • Normalized Atlas playable KeyRange between patches.
  • Added a Shop button.
  • Updated the Resource Usage panel, it now more accurately reflects overall CPU Usage as opposed to Audio Buffer Percentage.
  • Added In-App Library updating methods for both individual Libraries and batch update.
  • NEAT Player will now detect any out-of-date Libraries and provide options for updating them, including old (pre-modular Libraries).
  • A Backup folder will be created and your current versions will be backed up and organized automatically based on current version number.
  • Added a Restore From Backup button to fix any .hxi's that go missing from failed update requests.
  • Use this button if you notice one of your Libraries isn't showing up in the Libraries Panel after updating.
  • Bloom & Flourish are now split between samplers A and B: you can now layer them together in a single instance.
  • Numerous LAF (Look and Feel) updates:
  • New Preset Browser, Library Installation, Loading Bar, Primary Sliders, Arpeggiator, Volume Slider LAF's.
  • Optimized NoteOn Keyboard Paint-Routines.
  • The interface should now use less CPU and RAM.
  • Removed unused images.
  • Significantly reduced number of arbitrary floating variables.
  • Simplified Randomization Toggle switches LAF.
  • Added some message windows to inform users to restart the plugin after specific tasks are complete (such as updating or installing a Library).
  • Numerous minor bug-fixes and optimizations.
  • Cleaned up code.