1. Why do I need the FULL version of Kontakt?

That's just how things are. Native Instruments (the developers of Kontakt) won't let developers host their instruments on the free Kontakt Player without paying out the teeth. It's simply too expensive for me at the moment.

2. How do I install? Do I need the Kontakt Version and the Samples downloaded?

There's no .exe, just extract the .ZIP folder to wherever you normally keep samples and navigate to it within Kontakt. Note: the .WAV Samples are OPTIONAL. You don't have to download them to use the Kontakt Instruments, they're just for people that want to mess with them in a more manual and hands-on way.

3. I bought a bundle or Achromic... where are my .WAV samples?

In an attempt to keep the download page as clean as possible, I've removed the .WAV samples from the Bundle. Please use the contact form if you want them and I'll send a link. Achromic doesn't come with .WAV samples. If there's enough demand for them, I'll cut them up and add them (but be warned, it'll be a lot of loose files).

4. How many download attempts do I get?

By default 3, if for some reason your download fails or you expend your limit, simply contact me using the form with your specific order # and I'll reset them. 

5. What's your refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital goods (ie: if I refund them, I can't go through your hard disk and make sure you deleted them permanently) I cannot provide refunds, except in extremely rare and specific circumstances, which I will judge accordingly (such as double-orders). You can read more on the Legal page. 

6. I'm a content creator, do you have an affiliate program?

I have an affiliate program setup with 30% commission rates. If you think you'd like to be a part of that, please get in touch with links to your social media presence(s).