Due the irrevocable nature of digital goods, I regretfully inform you that I cannot provide any refunds for any products sold here, except under extremely specific circumstances. Any technical questions can be sent through the Contact Form and I will endeavor to troubleshoot the issue with you. 
Upon purchasing a product here, you may:
1. Use the product, without restriction, in any original musical production or composition, live performance or other original sound production. This applies to both commercial and non-commercial works.
2. Post review videos, snippets or screenshots to social media or other online websites. 
3. Create a single backup copy of the files.
    You may not:
    1. Modify, copy, sell or otherwise redistribute the source files or instrument as a whole, or in part, to any one, at any time.
    2. Install the product on multiple computers, such as at a university or on multiple home computers. 
    3. Re-use any of the included images, code or other resources included within the instrument for any other purpose or product.
    4. Modify the source samples (to any extent) and redistribute them as your own product. 
    5. Use any product here, or any part of the store or website for any other Illegal activity(s), as classified by the governing law of your country.
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