NEAT Player

Since launching the store, I've had numerous people ask me about a standalone VST version of my instruments. I completely understand and sympathize with those of you who cannot afford, or simply don't wish to use Kontakt, and I certainly can't afford to pay the developer fees to get my libraries on the Free Kontakt Player.

Therefore I give you my solution: the NEAT Player

NEAT (Not Even Appropriately Titled) Player is currently available for Windows VST2 and VST3 formats, with Mac versions under development. It supports all of my currently available Libraries. 

If you've already purchased one of the supported instruments, you should receive a link to download the player, check your inbox for a download link and readme file to get up and running. 

Alternatively, you can download the player here. (You'll still need the sample files from your order email!).

If you find a bug or two, please contact me and let me know.



Standalone Plugin (No More Kontakt!)

Optimized disk-streaming sample playback

Lossless hr1 file compression (smaller downloads)

Smaller CPU & RAM footprints

Simplified install and Library storage. 

Full FX Suite with Custom DSP modules.

More flexible playback options for Loop-Based Libraries.

Sampler-Level ADSRs and additional controls.

Global MIDI Arpeggiator. 

Global Movement controls, XY Pad and Macro Mapping system.

Functioning Preset Browser, including Factory Presets.

Chaos System: Randomize everything!

Right Click -> MIDI Learn.

Automate most Parameters.



Microsoft Windows 10 (Mac version in development).

Digital Audio Workstation that supports VST2 or VST3 formats.

30MB Download.

Appropriate Hard Disk space for individual libraries.



-Ableton Live 10
-Ableton Live 11
-Presonus Studio One
-Cubase 11 Pro*
-Cockos Reaper

Note*: Some users from DAWs marked with an * have reported compatibility issues with NEAT Player. Please "trial" the plugin using a free Library like Endure first, to ensure compatibility with your system.