Pressure is a lightweight library of cinematic impacts and tension-building risers, professionally recorded and processed to serve a variety of needs. Add impact to a scene or hype up the tension with easy drag-and-drop .WAV files - the library is curated to be lightweight while still maintaining the highest quality standard. 
All audio examples use samples directly out of the Pressure pack, no additional processing was added. The demonstration includes percussion, strings, synth bass and brass elements, please note that these additional elements are not included in Pressure. 
Ultra-Fast and lightweight 226MB (167MB Download).
Drag and Drop samples into any DAW or Video-Editing Program.
High Quality 24-Bit .WAV files.
Professionally recorded and processed.
Includes already filtered Impacts to save time and processing power.
    20 Impacts 
    20 Filtered Impacts
    20 Short Organic Risers
    15 Long Synth Risers
      Any Digital Audio Workstation, Video Editor or any other program that can import and make use of .WAV Audio Files.
      2GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)
      Stable internet connection (for download). 
      226MB Hard Disk Space (167MB Download)