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Instruments By Lamprey

Achromic - Aggressive Rhythm Guitars

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Achromic is a guitar library focussed on aggressive rhythm guitars for metal or hardcore productions. 

It specifically targets key issues often found in guitar libraries such as weak pick-attack and overly-complicated playing engines. 

Achromic is the answer for when you just need rhythm guitars fast and sounding great.Available as a standalone library for the NEAT Player, or as a Kontakt Library.

System Requirements


Kontakt 5.8 or later (FULL VERSION REQUIRED).
Amp Simulation Software (there are free ones out there).
4GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)
Stable internet connection (for download). 
0.97GB HDD Space (.NCW Compressed from 2GB)
.WAV Samples are NOT available. 


Microsoft Windows 10.
DAW with VST2 or VST3 support.
4GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)
Stable internet connection (for download). 
200MB HDD Space 


MacOS Version up to Big Sur
Intel Chip
DAW with VST2, VST3 or AU support.
4GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)
Stable internet connection (for download). 
200MB HDD Space 

M1 Chip NOT officially supported

Monterey NOT officially supported

The Master Bundle

18 Libraries.

Instant access.

Yours forever.

Take Me There

PLEASE NOTE: Achromic outputs a DI signal. You will need a guitar amp plugin (or use Kontakt's in-built one).

Video Walkthrough:

  • Non-Repeating Round Robin:

    The playback engine uses a non-repeating algorithm to split 2 samples either side in a round-robin fashion. This results in a realistic sound and removes the "machine-gun" effect.

  • No Weak Picking: 

    In addition to regular sampling, I went in and recorded individual atonal pick attacks to layer on top of the original notes. No more weak picking!

  • Simple Writing: 

    No keyswitches. Use low-velocity for palm mutes and high velocity for sustains. Additional articulations are mapped to the coloured FX keys (like Pick Scrapes or Dead Notes).

  • Fret Noise and Release Samples: 

    Additional noise samples were individually recorded and have a random chance to trigger on release.

  • Force Downpick:

    For riffs that need to slam extra hard, the Force Downpick switch mutes the up-stroke articulations. This can be automated using any DAW's inbuilt automation.

  • Direct Signal Only: 

    Achromic outputs a raw signal (DI), you'll need to provide your own sweet-sounding amps or simulations to really make the sound your own. 

Audio Demos

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, I regretfully cannot provide refunds on this or any other product. Any technical issues can be troubleshooted using the Contact Form. Read more on the Legal page. 

Latest Version: 1.0