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PDQ Bass - Aggressive Bass Guitar

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PDQ Bass (Pretty Darn Quick Bass) is a bass guitar library designed to help producers, composers and songwriters quickly lay down an aggressive bass track for songwriting or demo purposes.
It combines traditional sampling methods with physical modelling techniques to extend the range of the recorded instrument. 

It does not use keyswitches, nor does it include every articulation and nuance found in more solo-focussed bass guitar libraries, PDQ Bass only includes what it needs for fast writing.

PDQ Bass is the answer for when you just need a consistent bass sound fast and sounding great.

It comes with a DI and a Processed version.

System Requirements


Kontakt 5.8 or later (FULL VERSION REQUIRED).
8GB of RAM (16GB Recommended)
Stable internet connection (for download). 
2.94GB HDD Space
.WAV Samples are NOT available.


Microsoft Windows 10.DAW with VST2 or VST3 support.
4GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)
Stable internet connection (for download). 
1.96GB HDD Space  


MacOS Version up to Big Sur
Intel Chip
DAW with VST2, VST3 or AU support.
4GB of RAM (8GB Recommended)
Stable internet connection (for download). 
1.96GB HDD Space 

M1 Chip NOT officially supported

Monterey NOT officially supported

The Master Bundle

18 Libraries.

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Yours forever.

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PDQ Bass Demos:

  • Non-Repeating Round Robin (alt pick.):

    The playback engine cycles between five RR samples and never repeats the same one twice.

  • Four Articulations: 

    PDQ Bass comes with Palm Mutes, Fingered, Alt. Picked and Slapped articulations, controlled by velocity. Range from F1 - E5.

  • Velocity Compression: 

    Use the Velocity Min and Velocity Max to compress incoming MIDI information, removing any articulations you don't want (such as palm mutes) without having to edit a single note.

  • Simple Writing: 

    No keyswitches. Use low-velocity for palm mutes and fingered, and high velocity for sustained alt. picking, maximum velocity is for slapped notes.  

  • Force Downpick:

    The Downpick switch mutes the up-stroke articulations. This can be automated using any DAW's inbuilt automation.

  • Direct Signal and Processed Tone: 

    PDQ comes with a DI version, as well as an already processed instrument for when you don't want to mess with FX chains and just start writing.

And More:

-Non-Repeating Round Robin Algorithm.
-Alternate Picking engine with Force Downpick setting.
-MIDI Velocity Compression sliders.
-Velocity-Controlled Articulations.
-F1-E5 Range
-DI and Processed versions.
-Articulation Purge and Reload (Kontakt).
-Mix Page with Compression and EQ.
Automatable Interface.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, I regretfully cannot provide refunds on this or any other product. Any technical issues can be troubleshooted using the Contact Form. Read more on the Legal page. 

Latest Version: 1.0