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TST-01 is one of several sonic enhancement plugins I've been developing. It makes use of everything I've learned about analog modelling and DSP to create a powerful, musical tool for shaping sound.
The simple interface conceals the complex inner workings of Custom Filter Shapes, Even-Order Saturation and Gain Structure. 

Use it to instantly add warm grit to vocals, parallel crush drums, add crunch to bass or remove the digital harshness often found in digital amplifiers.
Try before you buy! Below is a link to a FREE demo version (outputs noise every 25 seconds).

Custom Frequency Shaping:
A large part of the Analog sound comes from frequency adjustments, TST-01's 3 custom Colour modules reduce harsh frequencies while simultaneously adding pleasant low-end in a subtle way.
Analog Modelling: 
While not based on any specific unit, TST-01 incorporates the most sought-after sonic qualities of vintage recording hardware, like Even-Order Harmonic Saturation and Non-Linearities,
Gain Structure and Mix Control
TST-01 works how you'd expect analog gear to work, driving the input further distorts the signal. Use this knowledge to crush the everliving heck out of a signal, then blend it back with the original using the Mix slider.
Automatable Interface: 
The primary controls are also DAW Parameters, allowing you to automate the effects over time. 
PLEASE NOTE - Aside from very rare scenarios (such as double orders), all sales are final. DOWNLOAD THE DEMO before buying.


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VST 2 (32 & 64 Bit) (Windows)
VST 3 (32 & 64 Bit) (Windows)
Microsoft Windows (Mac Version coming later)
Digital Audio Workstation with VST2 or VST3 support.
8GB of RAM (16GB Recommended)
Stable internet connection (for download). 
57MB HDD Space.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, I regretfully cannot provide refunds on this or any other product. Any technical issues can be troubleshooted using the Contact Form. Read more on the Legal page.